• Sad to hear this. I knew him as a connoisseur of Western classical music when we lived in the same building in Kensington, London. That was in 1957. I think he too was a student then. A fine man, a devoted scholar. I remember him fondly

  • God Bless… RIP

  • Jamshed R Udvadia

    Living in the USA, I never met Farrokh in person. We came to know each other through our messages on Zarathushti subjects posted on the Internet. He had a sense of humor which showed through in his writings and I replied to him in kind. We had some discussions on Zarathushti subjects. I missed the news of his passing on and came upon it today by accident. The last news I heard of him was when he went to Australia on invitation to address the Youth Couth Congress.
    May his soul find happiness in Behst (equivalent of Heaven in the West)

    …… Jamshed R Udvadia, Minnesota, USA

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