The Association for Performance of the First Year Necessary Death Ceremonies of the Parsi Zoroastrians

 E. Mithaiwala Agiary Compound, Jehangir Daji Cross Lane, Sleater Road, Grant Road (W), Mumbai 400007. Registration No. F-80 (Bom)


A Society by the name of The Association For Performance Of The First Year Necessary Death Ceremonies Of The Parsi Zoroastrians was founded in the year 1942 for the purpose of performing the essential death ceremonies of Parsi Zoroastrian individuals who desire to have the same performed for themselves, but do not have any relatives who will get the ceremonies performed.

 The Society is headed by Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia, Chairman of the Association, and ably guided by Ervad Aspandiar Dadachanji, Panthaky, Vatcha Gandhi Agiary, Mrs. Shernaz D.Mehta, Director, Zoroastrian Co-operative Bank Ltd. and other Trustees.

The Society has arrangements with a few Agiaries for the Performance Of The First Year Necessary Death Ceremonies in different areas in Mumbai and Pune. The Society has received a heartening response from many Zoroastrians and who have since become its members.

The Society  offers two Options:

Option 1 is the economical scheme, priced at Rs. 30,000/-, covering the essential after death ceremonies for one year including Muktad.

Option 2, priced at Rs.55,000/-, covers the essential after death ceremonies for one year including Muktad, a few days of rituals and one Vendidad.


Zoroastrians desiring to become members of this Scheme or for further details can contact :

Mr. Ariez Kharas. Administrator. Tel. 022 23870283 or 9769761284.


Ervad Aspandiar Dadachanji, Panthaky, Vatcha Gandhi Agiary, Hughes Road  Tel. 022 23803826 or 919820493812

Ervad Kersi Bhadha,Panthaky, M.J.Wadia Agiary, Lalbaug    Tel. 022 24702207

Ervad Viraf Pavri, Panthaky, B. C. Batliwalla Agiary, Tardeo Road  Tel. 022 23530142

 Ervad Hormuzd A.Dadachanji,Panthaky, Mithaiwala Agiary, Jehangir Daji Street, Grant Road (West)  Tel. 919820493812

 Ervad Rusi J.Katrak,Panthaky,Mehella Patel Agiary,Balaram Street, Grant Road.Mumbai 400 007.  

Ervad Parvez M.Bajan,Panthaky,Seth B.M.Mevawala Agiary,Victoria gardens,Byculla,Mumbai 400 027. Tel.23716799 (Res).

 Zoroastrians who desire to get their first year after death ceremonies performed should first become members of the Society by paying a nominal sum of Rs.51/- and, thereafter, can opt for either of the schemes mentioned above.

The Society is registered as per the Society’s Registration Act and also under the Bombay Public Trust Act and is being looked after by its Board of Trustees. Community members may take advantage of this Scheme depending on their needs.

A General Body Meeting of The Association will be held on Saturday,the 6th of January,2018 at 11 a.m. at the Administrative Office of the Association.

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