Parsika’s classic delicacies tickle Parsi palettes

Launched on September 1 last year, Parsika is an effort by four Zoroastrians to help our community do what it does best – eat to its heart’s content. As their Facebook page so honestly puts it – Parsika aims to connect those who love good food with those who make it. 
Marking their debut with probably the most lip-smacking Badam Paak this author has ever tasted, the company also markets a very authentic Vasanu, some truly melt-in-your-mouth Orange and Coffee Ganache and a range of evergreen Assorted Chocolates. All products are handcrafted using the finest ingredients possible. If you have still not experienced Parsika’s delicious delicacies, call + 91 98207 67726 for free home delivery.
In the short span since its launch, Parsika has won over the taste-buds of more than just the the Parsi community. Besides being available at over 30 restaurants and various retail outlets from Colaba to Jogeshwari, Parsika’s signature Badam Paak, Ganache and Chocolates have gained enormous popularity. From social and corporate gifts to office parties, social gatherings and other momentous occasions, Parsika is slowly but surely carving a special niche in the hearts (and tummies) of food lovers across the city. This publication wishes them the very best and looks forward to being delighted with the next delicacy that Parsika promises to tickle Parsi palettes with. Until then, Badam Paak khaava chaalo ji.

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