Navroze Mubarak- A Gift for the Community




Dear Friends,

We are happy to announce a Navroze Gift for the community from the Government. Jiyo Parsi would like to make you all know about the new features of the Second Phase Jiyo Parsi and request you to circulate the same to your Anjumans before Navroz. Taking into account the problems facing young couples and families the Ministry of Minority Affairs has kindly agreed to help us even more financially.  While we are grateful that now the Medical reimbursement has increased and delivery charges are included in the medical package we also have support for :
I. Creche and Child Care

  1. Senior Citizen Reimbursement For Child Care

  2. Support for Elderly Dependants living with a Family

This will ensure all financial support to help increase our community numbers in the New Year.

We are enclosing Flyers wish a request that you send soft copies to your mailing list as well as print in colour and put than up at Agiaries, Anjumans and Baugh Notice Boards.

For your convenience, we are also enclosing the Forms as mentioned below in Gujarati and English: (please click on each link to download them)

English- Creche- Childcare Assistance Form

English- Senior Citizen Reimbursement For Child Care

English- Support for Elderly Dependants Living with a Family

Gujarati -Creche- Childcare Assistance Form

Gujarati- Senior Citizen Reimbursement For Child Care

Gujarati- Support for Elderly Dependants Living with a Family

These have been uploaded on our websites and will be also circulated on Social Media. A WhatsApp attachment is being sent in this mail so that the Navroz Gift to the community information goes viral.

Please download this onto your Anjuman Groups and circulate widely. Since the Health of the Community Component calls for a great deal of monitoring and liaison with the community. the Jiyo Mobed component will be handled now by the Athornan Mandal of the priesthood with the WZO Trust Funds Mobed Scheme. However, Jiyo Parsi will continue to share information with the priests about the new Schema under Jiyo Parsi- 2 at these Workshops.

Please note that as the three new components are a Pilot Scheme, it will he for a limited number of 100 applicants each and on a first come first serve basis. Therefore kindly urge your community members to apply as soon as possible.

Navroze Mubarak and best wishes to you all,

Dr. Shernaz Cana Director, UNESCO Parzor

Jiyo Parsi Phase II Flyer

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