We are all broken

That’s how the lights

Get in” Ernest Hemingway


Prayers are not to

Obtain riches or fame

Or for that matter

Personal gain

They are there to

Comfort & ease

The suffering agony

As well as the pain


If one’s prayers

Do not get answered

In spite of all

The begging & pleading

There has to be a reason

Why the  answers are not



Changing religions is

Not the answer

Neither Praying to some

Other prophet will

Help you make the cut

If our efficacious prayers

Have failed

It’s only Faith Resilience

Patience will in

The end will

Help you scale


Though Asho Zarathushtra

Was the anointed one

He was tested & tried

But,He had Faith, Resilience

As well as patience

That’s the reason

He survived

And has Zoroastrianism !


Choicest Happiness





  • Agreras K. Dastur

    Very True.

  • Ushta I practice what I have penned . I do not intend to preach as I believe to each their own. I am sharing my personal experience,

  • Well written. Thank you for sharing. Prayer does to the mind and soul, what exercise does to the body. Keeping fit as human beings through Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds!

  • We could all shed the mantle of racism discrimination Segregation & bigotry & live in peace & harmony

    • What was the reason why you gave it a thumbs down? Hoping to hear from you. Do pray for personal gain?

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