Search for a Missing Zarthushti Irani Lady

Hi, I’m Bakhtaver Katila living in Sydney Australia. I’m looking for my friend Shahnaz Irani who was in school with me in Karachi, Pakistan. Shahnaz and myself completed our Secondary school education together in 1973 from the Mama Parsi Girls’ School in Karachi. My friend Shahnaz migrated to Iran around 1975 to join her brother and his wife. From memory the brother’s name is Mehraban or Mehraboon. Her brother is married to a Zarthushti Irani girl from Iran. My friend’s father worked for BOAC (now known as British Airways) for many years in Karachi. They resided in main Saddar area of Karachi and lived in an apartment building opposite a famous bakery called Pereira Bakery. After a few years her parents too left for Iran. I very much want to connect with Shahnaz. My email is and my mobile is +61 435 388 608. Anyone with any knowledge of Shahnaz’s current whereabouts please help so that I could contact her.

Thank you for your help

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