Looking for Fram Balaporia

I am trying to reach Mr. Fram N. Balaporia.  I met him in 1960 in Mumbai, at that time Bombay city. 

He was a film Exhibitors at Lotus, Jayhind and many other theatres, in Bombay. He had a office at Tribhuvan Road, Bombay. I was a student at  K.C. college at that time and often went to his theatres on weekends and at new movies premier show. Mr. Balaporia was very successful and had a nice Impala car. However, he was always accessible and kind to me. He was most caring person. When I was not too well, he had write a nice letter and introduced me to his family friends Mrs. Irani who lived in Panchgani,  a hill station outside Bombay. Mrs. Irani was equally nice and had welcomed me to her beautiful home. She had a son who was handicapped and stayed home in their nice home. 
If you have any information about Mr. F.N. Balaporia family members, I would to like to contact them. I will appreciate, if you please send me at my following email address or text me.

For the last forty seven years, I have been residing with my wife of 51 years  in Los Angeles, California.
Thank you very much for your time and consideration. 
Vinod Dave 


  • Dear Mr. Dave,

    I am related to Mr Fram Balaporia through my aunt Vispi Balaporia (my mother’s sister). She was married to Russ Balaporia, son of Fram Balaporia. Unfortunately both Fram and Russ have passed away.

    I have copied Vispi on this email if you wish to communicate with her.

    Regards Zarine

  • Hi Yazdi
    I know a lady named Pervin Balaporia who resides at Hormuz Court, Dadar east, near Railway station.She has two boys- I remember Hemin, the elder one.
    Maybe she knows this Fram.

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