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Some Parsee Humbandagis
Jamshed A. Modi

This is a small format, approximately 20-page booklet containing 5 short humbandagis (group prayers), originally in Gujarati, transcripted and translated into English by the author. On the left pages are the humbandagis transcribed in English script; and the right are the translations into English. Three of these humbandagis were composed by the late Parsee scholar-priest of the 20th century, Ervad Dr. Sir Jivanji Jamshedji Modi. The other two are by his co-religionist and contemporary, Firoj Batliwala. Jivanji used to recite them with his family, one every night at bedtime, before he passed on.
Chanting these humbandagis, especially in a group, is a very soul-stirring experience. It promotes bonding and fellowship in the group that chants them, and in the community at large. The author has produced this present booklet in English, hoping that many Parsee families and groups, in India and especially abroad, who are not comfortable in Gujarati may enjoy the experience themselves. It may take a little effort on their part, but the rewards will be well worth the effort. There are 5 audio files to go with the humbandagis, from which one can learn the pronunciations of the Gujarati words, and the correct chants as Jivanji Modi and Firoj Batliwala used to chant them.


Jamshed A. Modi

The author of the booklet “Some Parsee Humbandagis” is the son of late Ardeshir and Perinbanu Modi, and grandson of the late Sir Jivanji Modi. He is himself an Ervad, having done his Navar and Martab from the Vadi Dar-e-meher in Navsari. He did his B.Sc. in Physics-Mathematics from Gujarat University in 1955, and then proceeded to the USA to do a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, a Master’s in Industrial Engineering, both from Purdue University, and finally a PhD in Operations Research from North Carolina State University, with course work at Cornell University. He spent 19 years in the US, and has worked with IBM, Surface Combustion, General Foods and Research Triangle Institute. He returned to India in 1975, and has worked for Tata Consultancy Services, Tata Infotech, and has been a Professor of Operations Management in several reputed business schools in India. He is currently “retired”, and is a Reiki Specialist and Life-coach at Powai Hospital in Bombay.


Here are the audio renderings of the Humbandagis …

Khoda nee Yaad

Ahura Mazda nee Setayesh


Asho Zarthost nee Yaad

Asho Faroharo  Nee Yaad


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