Unite to Fight Hatred ( Not Giving in) 2l

The golden age,the silver

And the bronze, have all gone by

And the heroes who fought at Troy

And mankind is now in the iron age

And ” will never cease by day or night

From weariness and woe”– Hesiod

Reminds me of our

Beloved Asho Zarathushtra

Who put His own life on the line

For all of  human kind

Your Faith can move mountains

And your doubts can create them

Stick to your faith

Listen to no one

If one is a true Zoroastrian

I am not your “brother’s keeper”

Guarding the gates of Heaven

Or  for that matter Hell

I believe to each their own

Only Ahura Mazda can foretell

 Strutting into the Place of Worship

Praying mumbo jumbo

Near the Holy Fire

Expecting Him

To grant you boons?

(You must be kidding)

Alas! He is not all pleased

Au contraire He is more than


I am not showing off

My prowess in Poetry

But trying to bring sense

Following the rules

LIke meek little lambs

Is not going to guarantee

A place in Heaven or hell

But using one’s

Power of Reasoning

Will be the stupid

Bigoted Fatwa’s undoing

Choicest Blessings



  • Any feed backs for or against? would love to hear from you. That’s how Democracy works

  • well said.

  • Instead of creating a big hoolah regarding the Railway line put in more effort to save the religion. If there are no Zoroastrians what is the sense of a Atash Behram or an Agiary!!!
    Wake up!!! Do not follow Fools!

  • Strip yourselves off racism discrimination as well as bigotry & make this world a better place

  • Did you all of you read in the papers the picture was flashed around the globe of that poor innocent dad along with his sweet innocent baby found down faced in the Rio Grande? fleeing violence & human rights abuses for wanting Freedom make you squirm? They are giving their lives to be free & here we are fell fed clothed got the Freedom to do what we want. Stand. Have a spine defy these well fed Priests & scholars!!

  • Because of fear to speak out Zoroastrianism is sinking into quick sand

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