English Pocket Book of Nirangs

My English Pocket Book of Nirangs – Short Zoroastrian Prayers – by Ervad Rustom Noshirwan Panthaki, ex-Principal, Dadar Athornan Madressa

  • Attain Success
  • Ward off evil influences
  • Enjoy Good Health
  • Experience Inner Peace & Joy
  • Feel Spiritually Protected

The above mentioned book was published in Gujrati script about twenty years back and thereafter several editions were published with additional Nirangs. Necessary explanations regarding Nirangs It is necessary to give some explanations and guidance to our dear co-religionists regarding the Nirangs contained in this book. These Nirangs are prayers culled from Pazand or Avesta, and prefixed and suffixed by Avesta prayers. The term ‘Nirang’ or ‘Niruk’ occurs in Pahlavi and Persian languages and means “strength, ability, power”. However, the word is also used in a wider sense for “short efficacious prayers”, “new things” and “miracles”.
It is necessary to know that the recitation of Nirangs is beneficial to the body, mind and the soul. To get the full benefit the reciter should pray it with devotion, full faith in Ahura Mazda and with due observance of rules of ethics, piety, concentration, food and mode of living The Nirangs should not be considered a substitute for the Avesta prayers given in the Khordeh Avesta.
Nirangs can be recited for the benefit of self or others. If the reciter of Nirangs observes rules of ethics, piety, concentration, food and mode of living, he/she will get physical, mental and spiritual benefits due to the effects of the prayer’s colours and vibrations, as these Nirangs are culled out ‘ESSENCES’ from larger longer prayers by sages and spiritual leaders. In present times, several Zoroastrians suffer from physical and mental ailments. During troubled times, unawares of the great treasures lying in their own religion due to absence of proper understanding and guidance, they turn towards beliefs and teachings of other religion, visit their holy places and submit themselves to fake charlatans. Such misguided, misled Zoroastrians should pray their own Avesta prayers, which will definitely benefit them if prayed devotedly with full faith.

I make a fervent and humble appeal to my fellow Zoroastrians that they should turn to prayers like the Nirangs, from their own religion, and pray them with piety and full faith to alleviate their physical and mental sufferings. A Zoroastrian born in the Zoroastrian faith derives much benefit and solace by reciting Zoroastrian prayers on the basis of the ‘Jhiram’ of Zoroastrian religion.

Need for publishing Nirangs in English script : For last several years, particularly after formation of Maharashtra state, some devout Zoroastrians are unable to read Avesta prayers published in Gujrati script leading to an urgent demand for publishing them in the Roman script. My ever helpful friend Ervad Keki Dosabhai Panthaki’s wife Perin willingly carried out the task of preparing the book of Nirangs in Roman Script, without any financial gain for which she deserves our sincere congratulations and gratitude. The Nirangs were initially published in Gujrati by the learned scholar late Ervad Phiroz Shapurji Masani (Solicitor) several years back. About twenty years ago, the late Mr. Parvez D. Chinoy, owner of Union Press, extended a helping hand in re-publishing some of these Nirangs. Mr. Parvez Chinoy passed away in 1990 and the work of publishing this book was continued by his worthy son Rohinton, who too passed away very recently. The entire credit for preparing and publishing this book of Nirangs in Roman script should go to my friend Ervad Keki D. Panthaki. Before I conclude, I would like to thank Mrs. Rohinton Chinoy of Union Press, Mrs. Perin Keki Panthaki, Ervad Burjor R. Panthaki, Ervad Dr. Ramiyar P Karanjia and others who have extended a helping hand in seeing this work through. If, by praying these Nirangs with devotion and sincerity, any benefit is derived by my co-religionists, I would consider that the aim of publishing this book has been fulfilled.

June 1999
Ervad Rustom Noshirwan Panthaki Ex•Principal, Athornan Boarding Madressa, Dadar, Mumbai

This book is available at Union Press in English as well as Gujarati. You all can mail the orders to info@unionpress.co.in. post or courier worldwide


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