What Insolence

A real leader is someone who gives a damn about you…..anonymous

This quote fits very aptly where some of our Z leaders are concerned


Inspite of Zoroastrianism

Dwindling away

Yet the attitude

Is Laissez faire

Let the Religion crumble

To dust

Why do do we care?


“As long as people

Idolize  us

Put  put us on a pedestal

Fan our Ego  and Pride

Proudly claiming:

We have nothing to hide”


You should be barred

From practicing the religion

Including performing rituals

To all of you who are setting

A very  bad example

Of course unless you are

Hand in hand with the Devil


I will never idolize

Nor ever have respect

If one cannot preach

If one cannot guide us

On the Right Path

It`s a slap in Ahura Mazda`s face.



Choicest Happiness



PS Don’t Deny it. It;s the Truth




  • Zoroastrianism will never fade away. Parsis are well on the way to extinction!

  • Jeroo Ghaswalla

    A very apt portrayal of what our priests are touting in the name of religion.

  • Zal Rustom Kabraji

    Ha ha ha ! very correctly said–we need to to do much more than exercise the gab—-need to re-group no matter how small–how rich or famous—–only then can one save a little bit of our fast vanishing commune—-big team work is the only answer & must be taken up on a war footing with lots of action !

  • Many of you mad a big hoopla about the underground railway passing under the Atash Behrams. Why don’t you all raise a stinker saving Zoroastrianism. In short iit stinks of Hypocricy
    It’s the truth. Don’t deny it

  • Encore! Encore!

    Very well put – can’t agree with you more, Farida.

  • Silence is Betrayal. If you love your religion Fight the Racism BIgtory Discrimination Segregation

    • khushroofvatcha

      it is true, the message of truth is and will always be universal, will never be suppressed nor be the monopoly of a few of one religion.
      spirituality and humanity should not be hindered or gagged by religiosity.
      my personal views, agree or not, examine one’s conscience and act accordingly. thanks

  • khushroo vatcha

    well written and spoken. yes, all the z congress-es what have they achieved, but just joy and merry. also lavishness.
    have something concrete to promote the true philosophy of the zarushtra;s message.
    proselyte and bring in honest hearted ones into the flock.

  • The more I read about the deteriorating condition of our great religion, the more I feel that there should definitely be a revamp of how we can and must do everything in our power to save Zoroastrianism

  • The Zoroastrianism we practice it’s a total betrayal on our path to he memory of Asho Zarathusthra & his Divine Preachings. He sacrificed His Life for nothing. A total waste

  • So do not call yourself a Zoroastrian if you are practicing Racism Discrmination Bigotry & Segregation! STOP THE FARCE

  • faridabamgmailcom

    Those of you have spoken out . let the High minded people know. The faster the word spread faster the Z community will be able to heal & come together

  • Let’s Unite & fight this desease plaguing our community

  • Dear Farida, I am not only an octogenarian, I am residing in Devlali, far from where the action is.As it is, I am totally turned off by the Panthaki in charge of our Agiary, and the laissezfaire attitude of the people in charge of the agiary. If, however, I am able to help you in any way, you have only to say the word.

  • Dear Jer

    Spread the word. Collect signatures of those who are affected by it & let movement grow! By the way If you send me your email I will email you the poem; We Want To Break Free! If anyone else is interested . please let me know

  • Dear Jer et al

    Why don,t you expose this farce in the PARSIANA? The more poeple know will come forward

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