Violence to the right of me

Violence to the left me

Surrounded by violence

Screwing Humanity


Do not listen to gossip

Ignore what people

Say about you

Design your own life

Look for good in

Every situation

Develop an attitude

For gratitude

Laugh more

Once its past

Let it go!


Everything is temporary

Thoughts emotions people scenery

Do not become attached to it

Just flow with it


There are rewards

As well consequence

I am myself is

Not above the Law

Trying to make  sense

By fixing the flaw


Nobody knows too much

Or to little

As they say

Nobody has

Monopoly over wisdom

As nobody is right or wrong


Zoroastrianism preaches

Kindness Tolerance Equality

Treat people with Respect

No matter who she/he be

Add a dash of love as

Well understanding

Uphold the law of Dignity


Choicest Happiness







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