My Grandma’s Rabri Mix

Rabri winter magic.
Have it every morning during winter months it is very good for health and vigour.  Strengthens your bones and back and gives you warm energy through the day.
Powder the following
100 gms. Charoli  powdered
100 gms. Cashew nuts powdered
150  gms.  Almonds powdered
150 gms. Char Magaz
400 gms. Pure cow ghee
500 gms.  Gehu nu doodh
100 gms.  Kamarkadi powdered
500 gms. Singoda Powder
150 gms. Safed Musli
25   gms.  White pepper
20   gms. Pipri Mul na gath
50  gms. Gokhru
25  gms.  Soonth (Ginger powder)
700 gms. Powdered sugar (Optional)
5     gms. Cinnamon powder
10    gms.Cardamom  nutmeg powder
1. In thick bottomed pan heat 100 gms. ghee fry all the powdered dry fruits, and take it out.
2. In the same pan add remaining 300 gms. Ghee and  add Gehu nu doodh and Singoda powder, and stirring all the time roast it to nice pink  colour.
3. Add all the other ingredients one by one and stir well and add all the fried dried fruit.
4. Put of the stove and add Cardamom Nutmeg powder.
5. Once cool store it in as glass jar.
6. While making rabri, add 1 tablespoon to a glass of milk mix well removing all lumps, and bring it to a rolling boil and serve.
Thrity Tantra

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