“When The Last Tear Drops Falls” 2

When everything does not go one’s way

Giving up one’s Prayer

As well Religion

It’s not the way

Even though one faces

Road blocks along the way

And seems to be no way out

A teeny tiny voice inside will whisper

“Do not give up

As I will be there till the last tear drops fall”


Changing one’s religion is not the solution

It’s not easy for me to say

Having one’s faith in prayers

Will carry the day


Please do not lose

Even when one feels

Like giving up

He always provides a

Safety net

By saying:
“I will be there

Till the last tear drops fall

Choicest Blessings



  • Would appreciate some feed backs no matter what the opinion

    • Zal Rustom Kabraji

      Like some of us oldies always say—-hack on regardless of anything—the good Lord above is always there to shower his blessings—no need to change anything !

  • Beautifully written and gives courage to fight on challenges.

  • May I add that this is so true today, with all that is happening around us.

    The essence of the matter is despite the distractions, and the draw backs, one tries hard to persevere, pray, how ever hard the magnitude of the trouble that we are faced with.

    The question of change is not an option, for when the going is good, does the question of change ever appear?

  • I wish Peace Prosperity & Unity among the Zoroastrian Community..

  • Believe in yourselves and let’s change the world. It’s possible Depending on others to take the 1st step? No. If Asho Zarathushtra single handedly brought Zoroastrianism so can we

  • Put aside differences treat each one with Respect understanding tolerance dignity regardless of colour cast or creed rich or poor educated or ignorant cause in the end all that matters is Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds. The body returns to dust & the soul God Knows where? When the Great Call comes & the sunset gleams is the Conscience that will be a thorn in one’s side

  • Happy New Year to all. It seems my poem has been published in today edtiion of Jame Jamshed, I would really & truly appreciate if someone who gets the Jame sends me ecopy of the poem. My email is faridabam@gmail.com. Looking fwd to receiving it
    I apologize for bothering you all.
    Thanking you all so much
    Choicest Happiness

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