Time has no holiday

Dreams have no expiry date

And life has press buttons


We cannot re- wind our actions

Thoughts words or deeds

What has been thought

Spoken or acted upon

Will always linger till the

End of time


Prayers are a barrier

Between good

As well evil

Have a strong will power

And do not sell one’s soul

To the Devil


Time waits for no one

Marches on to the

Beat of a soldiers drum

If only we could rewind

The clock …


“The hands on the clock

Are wound but once

And  no man has the power

To tell when the clock will stop

At a late or early hour

Now is the time we own

To Live Love toil with a will

Please do not put your

Faith in time

For the clock will soon be still”

(By a Jame Jamshed Staff reporter)


Choicest Happiness









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