Tales from the Parsi Kitchen of Kermin

Kermin Kakalia has always been passionate about cooking and culinary exploits. This daughter of Bandra is known to some of us from her homemade Parsi delicacies available at her small temporary stall along Chimbai road on weekends. After fate took a drastic turn and Kermin’s husband lost his battle to cancer, she had to find a way to stand on her own feet as well as to recover from the tragedy. That is when she decided to convert the words of her mother Goolestan Mody, “take risks and don’t forgo the chances life give you” into action. Gathering strength from her earlier experiences in the hospitality industry and unending passion for cooking, Kermin decided to start a Parsi food delivery centre from home. In order to reach to more food enthusiasts and to spread the word, she also keeps a temporary kiosk in Bandra on weekends.

Kermin Kakalia puts up her kiosk at Chimbai road on evenings from Friday to Sunday

From the encouragement and support she received from friends and the local community, Kermin is now providing a larger variety of Parsi dishes from her kitchen. The desire to spread Parsi culture and food is a strong driving force for this young lady who is a single mother of Eric (11) and Riya (7). Kermin is cooking dishes like dhansak, salli murgi, farcha, cutlets and prawn patio – most are authentic with recipes handed down from her grandmothers and some with her own added twist to the traditional recipes. There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes available. The author’s favorites are dhansak and salli murgi while the desserts are also interesting and different from the traditional desserts we make at homes. The cutlets start from ₹45 and the chicken farchas are sold at ₹60. Other dishes like dhansak start at ₹250 and desserts are also available from ₹150 to 200. Kermin undertakes party orders as well, subject to prior bookings.
Kermin highlights the support and love from the local community of Bandra and welcomes everyone to try her dishes. Her dream is to have a permanent kiosk in the locality and to open up her restaurant some day in the future. Story of Kermin is a true highlight of how communities come together and support budding entrepreneurs and members in distressed times. Such experiences build our communities and bring us a step closer to being one large family.
Orders can be placed via phone to Kermin Kakalia on 9892435228 or 9820831118. She also puts up her kiosk near Dr NR Hingorani’s clinic at Chimbai road in Bandra on evenings from Friday to Sunday subject to availability.

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