Dear Friends,

I would like to make you aware of a very interesting and worthwhile project Dinyar Devitre, Toos Daruvala & Edul Daver have initiated. The objective is to offer every Zoroastrian the opportunity to respond to a survey such that we can collect demographic, attitudinal and aspirational data and after analysis utilize the results thru various Associations to not only shape the future but also make our community flourish. It is a unique and ambitious project which is different from anything attempted in the past.

CLICK HERE FOR PRESS RELEASE AND VISIT WEBSITE LINK to learn about the project in detail including FAQ and Donations.

The initiators have formed a global team with representatives from each country and the GWG (Global Working Group) members will serve as the Steering Committee. This was presented at the GWG meeting on Jan. 7, 2020 and received unanimous support from all the global organizations.

After an exhaustive review of various institutions SOAS (School of Oriental & African Studies) in London has been selected to conduct the study. The cost with contingencies is estimated at $275,000 of which Dinyar Devitre and initial sponsors have provided $80,000 seed money. We would like to start the project by May 2020 and complete it by December 2021. As such we urgently need to raise the required gap of $200,000 in the next few months. We sincerely request generous supporters like yourself to step up to the plate with relatively large donations in the range of $5,000 – $25,000. However no amount is too large and similarly no amount is too small. You may donate directly at the following donation ‘crowd funding’ portals by credit card but I would appreciate a one line e-mail so I may stay in the loop.

USA & GLOBALLY:  Tax deductible in the USA to the full extent allowed by law.

UK & Globally:  Tax deductible in the UK to the full extent allowed by law.

Thanks for your generous response and helping to make a difference to our community.

With sincere appreciation,

Edul Daver – on behalf of GEN Z & BEYOND
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