Farokh Engineer – A rare phenomenon

TODAY, 25 February, is the 82nd birthday of Farokh Engineer.

One of the great keepers and also a magnificently attacking batsman.

As Engineer once said “Some people tell me, you used to play T20 40 years before its invention!”

Farokh was a dasher. The first Indian cricketer to endorse a product and the last Parsi to have played for India.

Happy Birthday!!

It was a rare phenomenon to be able to find such a player who’d fit in to play as an excellent wicket-keeper as well as a fantastic batsman during the 1960s. That’s when Farokh Engineer came into the Indian Cricket’s family tree. Discover more about one of the hard-hitting batsmen who also guarded the team with excellency by positioning himself behind the stumps only on Mid Wicket Tales with Naseeruddin Shah.



  • Zal Rustom Kabraji

    1960s when cricket was considered a real gentleman’s game & one could appreciate all by just listening to the commentary on an ordinary household broadcast radio —good old days they were along with some super fine players !

  • God bless him and his family and friends

  • We admire this great man ..all time favorite…full of life enjoying and those were the days..so much fun loving memories.

  • Very good cricketer and Best wicket keeper, loved by everyone.

  • Hormazdiar Khan

    One of the gems of Indian test cricket.Could have scored more test runs if slotted as a middle order batsman as records prove it.
    Spinless opening batting order in Indian test cricket compelled him to be a opener,only because of his dashing approach against pace attack and experience of playing county cricket.Could have also had more victims behind the stumps if someone with good pace like Kapil Dev existed during his playing days.

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