Farokh Engineer – A rare phenomenon

TODAY, 25 February, is the 82nd birthday of Farokh Engineer.

One of the great keepers and also a magnificently attacking batsman.

As Engineer once said “Some people tell me, you used to play T20 40 years before its invention!”

Farokh was a dasher. The first Indian cricketer to endorse a product and the last Parsi to have played for India.

Happy Birthday!!

It was a rare phenomenon to be able to find such a player who’d fit in to play as an excellent wicket-keeper as well as a fantastic batsman during the 1960s. That’s when Farokh Engineer came into the Indian Cricket’s family tree. Discover more about one of the hard-hitting batsmen who also guarded the team with excellency by positioning himself behind the stumps only on Mid Wicket Tales with Naseeruddin Shah.



  • Zal Rustom Kabraji

    1960s when cricket was considered a real gentleman’s game & one could appreciate all by just listening to the commentary on an ordinary household broadcast radio —good old days they were along with some super fine players !

  • God bless him and his family and friends

  • We admire this great man ..all time favorite…full of life enjoying and those were the days..so much fun loving memories.

  • Very good cricketer and Best wicket keeper, loved by everyone.

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