Fresh out of university

On a hot April day

Instead of wasting my

Precious life away

I eyed the Khordeh Avesta

Where in the corner

Quietly it lay

Took a tiny peek

As I was extremely curious

To see for myself

What knowledge

I was about to seek


It was a herculean task

To pronounce & practice

Each word & each line

I was not about

To give up

As I was stubbornly inclined

Not giving up

A Chance of a life time


As I prayed each & every day

My faith in my prayers did grow

That’s when I realized

The beautiful everlasting

Friendship I would sow


From the Sarosh Baj to

The Yahsts as well the Gathas

How refreshing & joyful

To pray the very words

Uttered by Asho Zarathushtra


As the going got tough

Tough got tougher

I decided never to part

The pristine prayers

Prayed from the heart

Çause I knew then & there

They will always be on board

Where ever I go

I know for sure

There is a God!!!




Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji




  • I am not trying be to chaste & pure but expressing my appreciation as to how effective the Power of Prayers are. One must keep on trying. That;s what one calls Faith.
    Please try to understand I am not here to preach but stating my own experience over the years which I am trying to share with you.
    My life is like an open book
    Open ii & take a look
    Choicest Blessings

  • Hormazdyar F.D. Hathiram

    What could be done rationally speaking the trustees or panthaky of the fire temple should keep a mobed slot. i.e to delegate a rotational method for every mobed that a fire temple will have. This way all the mobeds of that particular fire temple will be able to earn income and the temple authorities will also not be burdened to pay the reimbursement to every moved of that fire temple. All of us will be benefitted..

  • The “hierarchy” rules the roost. We should not let it happen if one believes in democratic free society

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