Looking for Meherban Kalantari 

I would like to know about Mr. Meherban Kalantari  [Age 68 years]. He originally … hails from Tehran, Iran. He was in Mumbai, India for four years (4 years) to study in K.C. College, Mumbai University. He did B.A. in 1975, Mumbai University. He was staying in a boy’s hostel [YMCA- Young Men’s College Association Hostel, Colaba, Mumbai]. He was in Mumbai, India to attend a Parsi wedding (of Debara family/ Jokhi family) in 1978.

Actually a family friend of his / a college friend (Debara Family) is searching for him. Her name is Mrs. Minaz Viraf Jokhi [ nee Debara].

 I would be thankful if someone helps to trace him at the earliest. Worried as Iran is one of the worst-hit countries (COVID-19) in the present times.

There is no information/ clue regarding his present residential status as to whether he is residing in India / Iran or any other country. It may be India / Iran or any other country.

 If anyone of you has any information of his address or contact details like phone no., Mobile no, or email id. or where is he working or residing, please do let her know of it on the above email id.  minaz.jokhi@gmail.com  and cell ph. no. +91-9920625554.
Mrs. Minaz Viraf Jokhi  [ nee Debara]  is the family friend of Mr. Meherban Kalantri .
 Mrs. Minaz Viraf Jokhi  [ nee Debara] can also be contacted on her email id.  minaz.jokhi@gmail.com OR at her cell ph. no. +91-9920625554.

Kindly let me know of other Zoroastrian [Parsi/Irani] websites so that I can try to find out some information about him on those websites too.

Awaiting the response at the earliest.


Thank you

With  Best Wishes and Kind Regards

I Karanjia




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