No matter who you are
Yellow brown black or white
Or Rich poor beggar or thief
also no matter what profession
Including colour caste or creed!!!

As it’s said:
“One takes nothing
When one cuts
The umbilical cord
It includes titles pics
Accolades and Awards
If one were to
Take the award
Where will you hang it?
As there is no wall

Titles end when
One takes the
Last breath
As one leaves
This earth
Judgement will
Be meted out
According to
The life lead on earth

Being cocky doesn’t help
Neither Ego as well Pride
He is not your usher
To give one a ring side seat
It all depends on
Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds
Feed Back please
Choicest Happiness
Farida Bamji
June 11th 2020


  • Well ssid

  • Armaity Surendra Patel

    Hi Farida well expressed your thoughts!
    Armaity Suresh Patel

  • Real good and appropriate one.

  • “”Whether I am a Hindu a Muslim a Christian a Sikh or a Parsi or of any other creed I am above all an Indian & out country is India and am a proud Indian””
    2ndl I would be committing sacrilege ii I were to address wilh your tiltles Jal Dastur & that high Priest as Ervad,
    If it weren’t for these freedom Fighters Mahatma Gnadhi Madam Cama and Dadbhoy Navroji you guys would be still cleaning toilet of the British

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