What you taught me

At your feet

Lessons in Humility

Simplicity Honesty

Has stood the test of time

Taught me to sift

Right from wrong

To fight for the poor

As well the underdog

“Cause we are all

Servants of God

To have a spine

Not to fear

In the face of adversity

Never flinch or cower


Your heart always

Overflowed with love

Cause you treated us

With an iron fist

In a velvet glove


When I needed you

You were always there

Here,there everywhere

Flitting like a butterfly

Alas! as you lay lifeless

On that drab grey stone

To your final journey

To the heavenly abode

It seems your sweet face

Had a lovely smile

Unfortunately when

You needed me

I was not there

To pay my last respects

And wish you

A Final Goodbye!!

Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

June 18th 2020


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