Looking for Khorshed Nododwalla & Khorshed Baagwalla

I’m hoping you can help me.
My mother is looking for her 2 school friends who must be in their 80’s. They suddenly lost touch just a few years back.
Their names are Khorshed Nododwalla & Khorshed Baagwalla.
Do you think you could possibly help me?
I will be very grateful.
Many thanks.

Warm Regards,
Anil & Shahina

Shahina Oberoi s.oberoi@barfoot.co.nz


  • i know of a baagwalla family who lives on the third floor of one of the buildings in chikkal wadi, tardeo. i dont know them personally. sylloo bharucha (sylloo@rediffmail.com)

  • Khorshed Nadodwala stays at station terrace next to grant road station(W)

  • Know of one Khorshed Nadidwalla who lives at Station Terraces, Sleater Troad, Grant Road West

  • Hello Firuza, Syloo, Yezdi & Hormuz,

    Believe it or not but I found Roshan Aunty from the Parsi directory on Facebook and Khorshed aunty’s number from Hormuz from this site. Yezdi made all of this possible. My mom is over the moon. She’s spoken with both of them.
    I am very grateful to you all, for your kindness. Strangers taking the time to help. Its wonderful.
    God Bless. Thanks heaps ❤

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