• No wonder, common sense is not so common. What on Earth was the objective of posting this video? No mention of ingredients and the related quantity – that doesn’t help the viewer at all!

    Do you think that people from North America are going to call you to put in the order for your masala? If you do so, you’re dreaming!

    Sorry to say, but this is a good example of a misleading advertisement deceiving the viewers. The only reason I checked was the fact that it was posted on Zoroastrian.net – but it clearly seems that some of our Parsee brethren are no different than common roadside hawkers who invariably would want to pull a fast one on you every time they get an opportunity.

    • That is quite unfair. One is able to get a gist of quantifies and ingredients. Common sense will help you put together a mix that suits your pallet. No two homes make curry the same way. A little culinary knowledge of spices and basic proportions will go a long way.

  • Yum!

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