Decoding Parsi Wedding: String of Traditions & Ceremonies

A Parsi wedding is known for its simplicity & commitment to traditions & rituals. Read on to know more about the breathtaking & fun Parsi wedding traditions.

Fotowalle – The Story FolksFOTOWALLE – THE STORY FOLKS
Blooming hues of red and white set the tone for a Parsi wedding, far away from the flashy and OTT wedding spirit of the grand Indian wedding affair. Steeped in Zoroastrian culture, the simplicity of a Parsi wedding is almost mesmerising.

Image Courtesy: Parinaz Irani

In this piece, we explore how the ‘Lagan’, set in a garden of the fire temple is an interesting bundle of customs, both fun and spiritual. Let these be inspirations for when you plan your wedding.

Pre-Wedding Parsi Traditions

Though largely austere in the show, a Parsi wedding has multiple ceremonies to make up for them. Even if the couple is engaged already, a formal engagement is hosted by teh families to celebrate the union and the Parsi bride is ideally supposed to wear red. Here is how a couple get hitched the Parsi way.

By Anwesha Das
November 10, 2020

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