• पारसी समुदायाचे येथिल विकास कार्यात लाभलेले योगदान अभिमानास्पद आहे.

  • A good brief report. But it suffers the same problem as all such brief sketches of the Parsi community on the Indian subcontinent. It is focused only on the industrial and wealth producing efforts of the parsi entrepreneurs and industry giants. Only exception is this report is lauding Field Marshall Maneckshaw, but here as well it ignores other prominent Parsi military leaders. Conspicuous by his absence from this list is Dr. Dadabhai Naoroji, social leader, activist for women’s education, civil servant, politician and a founder of the Indian National Congress, whom Mahatma Gandhi called the “Father of the Nation.” Parsis have excelled in many fields in India. It is unfortunate that such summaries only perpetuate the wealthy as the major contributors to society!

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