Fellowship via Prayer with Action and Action with Prayer.

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Fellowship via Prayer with Action and Action with Prayer.

Fellowship of Collective Consciousness.

Ba Humata presents a Dialogue with the eminent Respected Scholar Priest Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia (PhD) and his student Ervad Shehrazad Pavri recorded by Ashavan Yazdi Tantra. I express my profound gratitude to all of them for their effort and time. 

Ervad Karanjia teaches several important Precepts of Zarathushtra in this video including the concept putting prayers into action. His gentle manner of guidance is exemplary as is evidenced in this recording.

Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Parvez Karanjia, is a full fledged priest from the Dadar Athornan Institute. He has obtained his Masters and Doctorate in Avesta-Pahlavi from Bombay University.  He was a post doctoral research scholar at Universities of Uppsala (Sweden), Heidelberg (Germany) and Zurich.

Presently he is the Principal at the same Institute. He is an author of more than 15 books, He gives presentations and talks on Zoroastrian religion, spirituality, Iranian languages and history. He is a regular columnist with the Jame Jamshed Weekly .

On his website www.ramiyarkaranjia.com he offers information about Zoroastrian religion, Iranian history, languages and spirituality.

His student Ervad Sheherazad Pavri contributes beautifully.

Ervad Sheherazad Pavri is an alumnus of the Dadar Athornan Institute. An entrepreneur by profession, Sheherazad is also a practising priest involved in performing the higher liturgical ceremonies like the Yasna, Vendidad and Nirangdin. He loves helping people and is actively involved in community initiatives such as Empowering Mobeds and Zoroastrian Return to Roots. He has also participated in Zoroastrian congresses in the past and encourages youngsters to get more involved and give back to the community.

About Ba Humata:

This project Ba Humata emphasisis the Good Mind (Good Thoughts) and Action with Prayer and Prayer with Action.

Ba Humata is an endeavour to share a deeper appreciation of the knowledge, Precepts, Principles and Practice of the Zarthushti Deen with a Zarthushti mind and how this guides all aspects of Life for the good of All.

https://Ba-Humata.co.uk, on this website you will find details of Ashavan Meher Amalsad (Mentor and Facilitator), Guiding Light (friend, philosopher and guide) Moobedan Mobed Mehraban Firouzgary, Guiding Friend Mobed Soli P. Dastur, Ashavan Noshir Dadrawala, Ashavan Yazdi Tantra and the entire team of Priests and Ashavans who have made this endeavour possible, to whom I express my profound gratitude. 

With a deep love for the Principles, Precepts and Practice of the Zarathushti path, the Project Ba Humata (with good thoughts)has been founded by me with inspiration from Ashavan Rohinton Munshi and the love and fellowship I have experienced at the ZTFE (Zoroastrian Trusts Funds for Europe) led by Ashavan Malcolm Deboo, to which I belong. Gratitude is expressed to Ervad Yazad Bhadha for performing inspirational Prayers and Jashans together with Ervad Yazad Unwalla, Ervad Jimmy Madon, Ervad Zubin Bhedwar, Ervad Mahiar Vajifdar and Ervad Zubin Writer.

I would now like to share with you humbly and briefly the life of my Great Grandfather and my Grandfather.

My Great grandfather Ervad Pestonji Noshirwanji Panthaki, Dasturji of the Sir J. J. Agiary Pune had taught the relevance of interpreting and acting upon Zarathushtra’s teachings for the good of all. He served the community as the Dasturji for over six decades, reaching the Agiary at 3 am and serving till late in the evening. He lived a very simple and pure life, spending most of his life in the Agiary. He brought up all his five sons to serve in different Agiaries in Udvada, Bombay and Pune, after they studied at the Cama Madrassa, Andheri under his wife’s brother Late Ervad Faramroze Patel who was the Principal there. 

My Grand Father Ervad Noshirwanji Pestonji Panthaki though a Priest, served the Bangalore Entee Parsi Dharamshala for over 30 years implementing the concept of Service and Prayer, along with his wife Piroja, giving up their very lucrative business in Panchagani. They provided people a home away from home in Bangalore. They served very sincerely so that the visiting Zarthushtis from all over the World were were looked after and fed home cooked sumptuous clean and healthy authentic Parsi food which was enjoyed thoroughly by one and all. This feeling of being at home they say, helped them to build their lives and to grow their Entrepreneural endeavours contributing to a thriving Zarthusti community. 

I hope this video enthuses the people to reach out to their Respected Mobed Sahebs in their Local community with due respect for them and reward them adequately for their sincere services and to learn more from them for the good of all. It is through our Knowledgeable Mobeds and Scholars that the Knowledge of Zarathushtra can be propagated.
We hope it will also encourage the younger generation and empower them with the Zarathushtra’s knowledge that guides all aspects of life.

Ba Humata will bring to you webinars by our Respected Priests and Ashavans (People who live by Asha) on how Prayers related to and Actions inspired by Good Thoughts (Humata) propagate Fellowship, World Peace, Happiness (Ushta) and Prosperity for All.

I express my profound gratitude and respect to Ashavan Meher Amalsad (Mentor and Facilitator) without whose support and help this project may not have been possible. He has also arranged all the Speakers for the 2021 Webinars.

Following the short 5 to 7 minute talks, there will be time for our Global online audience to be seen as they share their experiences with Good Thoughts (Good Mind) and participate in a Vohu Mana sharing session. They may share any experience they have had related to Prayer, or how a concept in our Prayers/Gathas/Avesta has inspired their way of life and Zarathushti Daena. 

All recordings will be available on zoroastrians.net and also on the NAMC Mobeds website.

With gratitude and in all humility,

Dr. Karishma Koka.

Founder of the Ba Humata (with Good Thoughts) endeavour

PhD (Neuroscience), University of Cambridge, MSc Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (India).

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