• Zubin Mehta is inspirational and I’m incredibly proud of his support for the Jewish people and Israel which welcomed him with open arms and has strengthened the bonds between our two communities and cultures

  • Zubin and his love of music can never be torn apart

  • Maestro
    Welcome home Bombay Boy
    After exactly fourteen Years!
    Santa Cruz airport when you did land
    Greeted amidst orchestra of shout & Cheers!!!

    Garlanded with flowers of various fragrance
    As well hue
    Bombeites sincerely shower love from me to you

    You have a dynamic personality
    Pride hath he none
    Hair so soft and curly
    Darling of everyone

    Bombay really ached with joy
    To see her little wonder boy
    Proudly standing on tthe rostrum
    To conduct
    Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra

    Audience in their chairs electrified
    With open mouth gaped wide eyed
    Watch Zubin move is baton
    Believe me in the end a big sensation

    Hail ! dashing young maestro
    Your appearance created a big fiasco
    Shanmukhanda thundered
    Encore! Encore!!!

    Really it’s agony and ecstasy
    An affair to remember
    Loverly loverly
    Vive Zuban the young conductor!!

    There is music in his fingers
    Music in his heart
    Zubin and his music
    Will never be apart

    Penned in 6th Nov 1967

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