Today is Ava Roj Ava Mah!
‘Ardvi Sura’ (Ava) is the Yazad (Angel) of the waters. She is described as ‘Anahita’, meaning undefiled, unpolluted or untainted. It is also the name of a mythological river in Iran, reports the Jam-e-Jamshed.
Ardvi Sura is of noble origin, courageous, strong, tall, fair, slender, pure, beautiful and glorious. Her duty on earth is to guard Ahura Mazda’s holy creations. Prophet Zarathushtra asked her to make king Vishtaspa his follower and think of, speak of and act for the religion.
Avan Ardvisur refuses to grant boons to wicked persons. Avan Ardvisur is displeased when anybody defiles the waters. It’s a sin to contaminate water with flowers, food items like ‘dal ni pori’ or offerings that rot and pollute the waters. Worse still is putting dead matter such as corpses into the waters.
May Ava Yazad’s healing grace bless humanity and restore health, happiness and harmony.
By Rustom C. Chothia

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