Spendarmad nu Parab

Friday, July 16, 2021, mah Spendarmad, roj Spendarmad is Spendarmad nu Parab.

Spendarmad (Avesta Spenta Armaiti) is the Amesha Spenta specifically designated to look after Mother Earth.

On this day, Parsees traditionally write (or ask their family priest to write) a Pazend Nirang, which they then affix above their front door to protect their home from evil influences.

On this day, you may also recite the Spendarmad ni Setyash to seek her blessings.

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Silloo Mehta

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  • Very interesting post! Many thanks.

    Your comments on the significance of TRULY following our Zarathushti religion cannot be over estimated.

    Gives a great sense of delight that there are people such as you still around in this world, when the majority of the Parsee community have turn their backs on the needed prerequisites and the sacred rituals of our Pak religion.

    Thanks again.

    Ervad Jal Dastur
    Mississauga, ON Canada

  • So agree with Ervad Jal Dastur. It pains to see the younger generation going wayward.

  • Is there an English translation to the nirang?

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