Parsi Psyche

United we stand

Divided we fall”

We will never be united

But will surely crumble like

The  Berlin Wall!


Where there is

Sumptuous food

And lots of wine

To drink

Parsis swarm like bees

They gorge & gorge

Till they say” No more

Thank you Please

Keeping the Motto:

Ëat Drink and be Merry alive


Having deaf ears as

As well being  blind as

To what’s going on

Half a world away

The attitude:””Who cares””

As long as it’s not in our backyard


Religious Meetings on Zoom

Is doing nobody any good

Instead concentrate on

How to eradicate

Hunger disease poverty

And eradicate

Hatred Racism Bigotry


Do you know that the

Situation in  Afghanistan

Has gone so dire

That families are selling

Their babies as commodities

In order to provide food

For the rest of their  families

And  light the house fire


If you Parsis were in dire need

Of food water shelter or clothing

Would you consider selling your kids

As commodities?or

Would you rather starve to death

Before you took your last breath



Before one frets and fumes

or  let  Fire coming out ones ears

After reading what I penned

The reason being :I am A Parsi

As well as A Human


Choicest Happiness

Farida Bamji

Oct 26th 2021






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