The Good Mind – Nurturing Nature – A Zoroastrian Perspective


‘The Good Mind – Nurturing Nature – A Zoroastrian Perspective of Sustainable Development for Progress Together’ (Number 1629 submission to the Parliament of World’s Religions)
Submitted by Mrs. Jerou RamMohan Panthaki (member ZTFE).
Much gratitude to Mr. Yazdi Tantra for making this recording, and to our Respected speakers for their kindness and dedication to sharing the message of Asho Zarathushtra and raising the awareness of the Zarathushti Daena with the World.

We aim to build Intellectual, Emotional, Ecological and Entrepreneurial progress.
Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli will give an overview of what needs to be done to save Creation
Mrs. Jer Panthaki Rammohan will explain how breath and air are key and link us in a fellowship with each other and with Nature, and how this links to Energy and Transformation.
Mobed Zarrir Bhandara will explain some of the key elements of how the Faith cares for Ecology – particularly Plants and Animals.
Dr. Hanoze Santoke- a Professor focussing on Photo-degradation will explain how Science and Technology can be directly linked to some of the concepts of Ecology and the Faith.
Dr. Karishma is a Neuroscientist. She will introduce the mutualistic relationships between the Good Mind, Fellowship, emotional resilience, caring for Nature and each other, increasing innovation and wellbeing.

We share with the world a Zoroastrian Perspective on Sustainable Development for progress together which combines Scientific Progress, Spiritual Wisdom, Fellowship, Mutual Respect for All, Good Governance and Self-Regulation to make informed choices that are good for the Earth and Human Fellowship, Peace, Happiness and Harmony.
We build upon a webinar marking the World Environment Day with Scientists, Priests and Scholars. 30th May 2021
The speakers included Ervad Dr. Jehan Bagli (FEZANA, NAMC), Mobed Saheb Zarrir Bhandara (NAMC), Dr. Hanoz Santoke (FEZANA), and Dr.Karishma Koka (Ba Humata and ZTFE)


  • What a sham! Contravening things that are of prime importance as laid down in the Vendidad and going around waving the flag of our good religion under the guise of saving Mother Earth and sustaining human fellowship begs big questions. This isn’t an aim to belittle and question the authenticity of all the above mentioned speakers with perhaps the exception of a couple who are familiar to me. It’s about time that we go back to the basics and encourage the community to re-embrace the sheer fundamentals that make a TRUE Zarathushti – talk about our Manthras and its power, disseminate the importance of various tarikats as laid down in our Holy Vendidad – then and only then, there will be true spiritual progress within each of us. The fancy language with ostentatious words through which rhetoric is presented only makes up for a ‘feel-good’ exercise and nothing more!

  • The Tarikats and Power of the Manthravani is most important. Please join us and guide us.
    With much gratitude and respect to our Respected Mobed Sahebs.
    Dr. Koka.

  • This was a talk at The Parliaments of the World’s Religions, where we have tried to highlight Spitaman Asho Zarathustra Saheb’s tenets, where our participants have spoken about the various aspects of Nature as indicated in our Avesta in the various Nasks,to the best if their ability in the time permitted.

    With gratitude for your most positive comment on the immense importance of the Tarikats and Manthravani which could not be highlighted in this particular open event as it was for the Parliament of World’s Religions.

    Thank you once again for your valuable comment.
    Dr. Karishma Koka

    • Karishma – I do realize that the venue may perhaps be not conducive to talking about our Mantravani and tarikats, but the sad part of it all is that you haven’t touched upon the specifics in this context AT ALL at your other opportunities on Ba Humata. Sorry to say, but some of the speakers at your webinars do raise eyebrows – they are not even true Zarathushtis – and now don’t ask who is a true Zarathushti – I expect you to know that completely and I reckon you do realize that. In any event, I don’t mean to go back and forth on this – my only point is to raise awareness within our community on the importance of our Manthras and the various rituals that are imperative to get implemented by each of us, if we want to consider ourselves as true Zarathushtis. Giving the same music over and over again on Good thoughts, words and deeds simply doesn’t cut it – these principles are relevant for all religions. Enough said! And yes… by the way, I have and will continue to guide our Zarathushtis on matters of religion – sorry, my Vohu Manah doesn’t allow me to join any of you, let alone guide you.

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