Looking for Bio and Pictures of Late Rustom B. Damania

I am looking for bio-data and pictures of Rustom B. Damania (died 25 March 2001). He was a Professor at the Indian Institute of Science and Technology. He has made invaluable contribution to Indian aviation industry. He is credited with the development of NAL’s Light Canard Research Aircraft, which later became DRDO Rustom UAV.


May I request you to help us obtain his biography/ bio data and pictures. If you do not have please direct us to the person, who can help us obtain this information


Best Regards

Rajiv Narang

Director – Strategic Initiatives



  • Raymond Dara Doctor

    Please type the name in Google and you will find a large number of links to Dr Damania, Wiki, DbPedia, ParsiKhabar

  • Mrs. Katy Homi Lord

    You may contact his younger brother Dr. Ardeshir B. Damania Research scientist in Woodlands, California.
    I am his sister-in-law. Ardeshir’s wife Parvin’s sister.

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