Songs of late Homi B Doctor

Hormazd B Doctor was famous in the Parsee community for his stage shows. Old people of the 50s would surely remember. Famous people like learned Noshirwan H Jhabwalla, Vistasp A. Bulsara used to respect his knowledge of over 100 Ragas. He received his formal training under Agra Gharana and through various other Ustaad’s of that Era. In the recording which was done in 1998 all famous Ustaad’s have played the instruments. A noted famous female playback singer was to sing the duet songs but after the recording Homi fell ill and thereafter passed away, so our community and Gazal lovers could not have access to his album which consist of Eight songs.

The songs, lyrics, composition and voice are the ownership and copyrighted by late H B Doctor. His son Boorjis Doctor has kindly consented to have them published on for the benefit of the community at large. Thank you Boorjis.


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  • Agra Gharana enjoys great repute in the various contemporary gharanas of today. A gharana is formed when a characteristic mode of music is preserved and groomed in a particular family, becoming a tradition. The Agra gharana absorbed attractive features from other gharanas and yet retained its own inherent characteristics. It must be remarked here that this particular gharana pertains to vocal music only, and has no counterpart in instrumental music, and that it has had a distinct style in Dhrupad, Dhamar and Khayal. It would be difficult to say whether all the singers of this gharana could well command all the three forms or they confined themselves to any one or two of these.

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