• Follow in their footsteps dedicated ot helping humanity instead of practising Racism Discrimination Bigotry and exclusion.
    These are the True Zoroastrians putting all of us to shame!!

  • Tatas are true humanitarians
    Take a leaf out their book instead visiting Fire Temples & praying mumbo jumbo by making a Mockery of our Religio. Raising Ahura Mazda’s Ire No wonder prayers don’t work during the pandemic & it will never work.

  • “How far a little candle throws its bean so shines a good deed in a naughty world” Merchant of Venice
    That” how would describe the thoughts words deeds of the Tata dynasty. Humanity comes 1st

  • 1. Has the book been published and what is the cost.
    2. Can a copy be sent to the N.M.Petit Library for the lay public to read and spread the knowledge gained from the book.

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