The Nargol Agiary URGENTLY needs a Mobed Saheb

Nargol is a very popular small sea-side town in Gujarat, very close to Sanjan, where the Parsis first settled in mainland India when they arrived from Iran. Nargol is indeed a historic town and had a bustling Parsi population till recent years when many have moved out.
Interestingly, there have been some new flats and housing societies constructed lately in Nargol and that has seen a slight rise in the Parsi population, although the Parsis in these flats are more or less weekend and holiday residents.
The Nargol residents have a wonderful Agiary, the Poonjiaji Agiary, which houses both an Aderan grade fire and a Dadgah Saheb.
This Agiary is URGENTLY in need of a mobed saheb to perform its various duties, which have been mentioned in the accompanying illustration. The salary too is handsome and so are the accommodation facilities. Earnings would be the salary, plus the income generated from sukhad-divo, jashans, rituals performed and muktad prayers.
Mobeds who are fed up with the hectic life-style of Mumbai or other big cities should take up this challenge and offer their services to this blessed Agiyary. Ahura Mazda and Adar Yazad will bless you and your family if you look after the Atash Sahebs in this agiyary. Additionally, Nargol is a wonderful place to reside with close proximity to Sanjan, Gholvad and Dahanu.
The requirement of a mobed Saheb is URGENT, hence please circulate this notice promptly amongst all your Parsi contacts, especially in the mobed circles.
The contact numbers and the job description are given in the illustration.
  • Hoshang Havewala – 98200 41374
  • Khushroo Daboo – 98204 52434
  • Rohinton Dadachanji – 89760 00982
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