Rohinton Nariman starts a YouTube Channel

Former Supreme Court judge Justice Rohinton Fali Nariman has started an official YouTube channel. The channel is called “Justice Nariman Official” and features several of his talks on Zoroastrian Religion, Law, NCPA, history and more.

It is always a delight to hear him. Please do visit his channel and enjoy his talks.


Justice Nariman, the son of legendary senior lawyer Fali Nariman was elevated to the Supreme Court from the bar in July 2014 and served as a judge till August 12, 2021.



  • Phillie Karkaria

    Fantastic thought. We can benefit from his knowledge.

  • Hope he bring sense by educating Zoroastrians & helping them to eradicate Racism Discrimination Bigotry & unite the community

  • Dear Mr Nariman, My friends colleagues and I are delighted for this your initiative and wish you every success in this which started as your project and now to become a thriving community cementing and information disseminating tool.

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