Bharuch Agiary



An approximately 1100+ years old Sir Shapoorji Bharucha Agiary lays nestled in the bylanes of bharuch it was built by the Zorastrian priests n was initially for the priestly class. It’s anniversary falls on 1st Oct. Sarosh Roj & Ardibehest Mah A scenic setting n pious atmosphere abound there. There will be a Jashan at 5.00 pm followed by manchi and Dinner their after, Do not miss this opportunity to visit this Agiary of ours which was brick by brick built by our dasturjis. Let’s get together n worship the holy fire n seek it’s blessings n be thankful to the noble souls of the dasturjis who undertook the work of building this Agiary without any help from even the behdins of the community. Such was the faith n integrity of our dasturjis towards our religion. Let us strive to keep the faith alive. Sethna Parivaar


Courtesy : Darayesh Katrak


  • Would also like to see the adjoining structure on the left of the picture. Was this a later addition?

  • I faintly recall going to this Agyari sometime in the early 50’s when visiting my paternal grandfather – an old time Mobed in Bharuch. Didn’t know at the time that it was such an ancient structure – thanks for sharing.
    Ervad Jal Dastur

  • May HIS blessings be perpetual on our Zoroastrian brethrens

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