Looking for Adi Behram Marker

My name is Lily Seeney and I live in the UK.
This is long shot in the dark but I am trying to find my first cousin ( who the family lost since my mum passed away) who used to and probably still does in Pune.

He is my mama’s son. His name is Adi Behram Marker. I know he has a son and daughter. Son’s name is Behram as well. Not sure of the daughters name. I have tried asking some folk who live there but have drawn a blank. I remember going to my Uncles house as a young girl with my mum and vaguely think it was in Salisbury park.

Is there any way of finding out some way if he is still alive or has passed on. I am now 69 myself and my sister is 83.
If you can point me any direction as to whom I could contact would be grateful.

Kindest regards



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