• Mr. Malcolm Bhesania and Silloo Mehta have been the anchors, our religious guides in Southern California for several decades. . Silloo has been holding regular religious classes for the last forty years in Southern California and has also organized religious exhibitions, children’s (religious) plays, guest speakers like late Vada Dasturji Kaikushroo Dastur, numerous religious camps and even hosted local scholars like James Russell .Her unique exhibition on Shah Name was held several times in India and in California.
    Malcolm started as her understudy some thirty years ago and now conducts regular religious classes (for the last ten years) incorporating modern technology with power point presentation and insights always filled with relevant humorous episodes and great detail to engage the audience with great repertoire. On any given day he answers various queries on the phone to people who seek advise on religious matters. He is a great asset to the Southern California Zoroastrian Community .Besides these extraordinary skills and knowledge, he is also indispensable in organizing Silloo’s tours to Iran and is a great tour guide , bringing the richness of Ancient Zoroastrian Legacy and history, to tour participants which really becomes a pilgrimage and an everlasting once in a lifetime memory .Early this year Malcolm made a couple of presentations to real packed Parsi audiences in Mumbai on maintaining our faith. He compels you to yearn for more. .Thank you Silloo and Malcolm for all that you do and for the Mazdayasnie Connection, which you circulate so selflessly to educate us , free of cost to Zoroastrians all over the world.

  • Thanks Sam for this article. Yes Silloo and Malcom are great asset to our community. I have learned lot about our religion from them. Guidance to our children also to all in our community. Good wishes.

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