Zoroastrian icons in U.S highest institutions

This first one is obvious. It is inscribed above the pillars, of the main Post Office in New York ..

Darius the Great pioneered the First postal system 

The second one, below  here requires a detailed explanation From left to right
The first statue depicts Zoroaster as one of the lawgivers –New York Supreme Court Building  
The second image is the bronze base on the flagpole in the U.S. Supreme Court building in Washington. 
The bronze base has  5 tiers.
The topmost fight tier has four cherubs and the official text mentions a reference to the 4 elements air, fire, water, and earth. It claims that this is a
quote Celtic Symbol unquote, but we know better. That is why I have an image of Naqshe -Rustom to the right and the cross which signifies these four elements @, the Astodan ( ossuary).
The third image depicts a woman (on this image’s left ) looking to fight evil with their sword, allegorically depicting the battle of good over Evil.
The fourth image is “Lady Libertas” on Capitol Bldg also depicted in the Statue of Liberty. Here is Professor Dr.James Rusell’s  (Harvard, Colombia) quote from his paper
“Zoroastrianism: From the Central Asian Steppes to the Winter Palace”
“A French FreeMason designs a vast bronzed sculpture as a gift to the American people meant to represent our common democratic heritage. And there she stands in New York Harbor, Seven Zoroastrian Rays stretching from her forehead.
Initially, it was proposed to have the Statue of Liberty crown on this building but was changed due to reasons too detailed to explain here., to give it a “more graceful appearance”

fifth tier –between cherubs Portrayed in the medallions are the four elements: air is represented by an eagle, water by a fish, earth by a lion’s head, and fire by a tripod of flame.



Sam M.Billimoria

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