Khordad Sal Mubarak!


Dear Friends,

Monday, August 21, 2023, Shahenshahi Roj Khordad Mah Fravardin, will be observed by Parsis as ‘Khordad Sal‘.

On this day, after your daily (farajyat) prayers, recite the line below (from the Fravardin Yasht) 101, 303, 505, 707 or 909 times:

“Ushta no zāto āthrava yo Spitāmo Zarathushtro.”

which means,

“Rejoice! (Thanks to Thee, O Ahura, that) the savior Spitama Zarathushtra is born.”

May the Asho Farohar of Vakshure Vakshuran (Prophet of Prophets) Asho Spitaman Zarathushtra shower His blessings on our troubled community on this day of great spiritual remembrance!

On this auspicious occasion, we present some not-so-well-known facts about the most exalted spiritual status and powers of Prophet Asho Spitaman Zarathushtra as revealed in the Avesta scriptures (Gatha, Yasna and Yashts) and Pahlavi writings.

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  • Thank you, Silloo/Malcolm, for bringing us the divine enlightenment and awareness of the Gathas culminating in this excellent write up on Asho Zarathustra. You present, as you correctly state, “not-so-well known facts about the most exalted spiritual status and powers of the Prophet of Prophets (Vakshure-e Vakshuran) Asho Spitaman Zarathushtra.” For that matter how many of these current “existential” veneer proponents in Western countries even know how to correctly address His lofty status as a primordial prophet?
    How many really celebrate his birth as much as they celebrate Christmas ?

    Most of our humdeens are hardly aware of his divine status as a Yazata. I notice in para 9 c you mention “make preparations for advent of other religions” and specify in 10 that he did not convert anyone. He reformed the Daevayasnis into Mazda worshipping people. The influence of Zoroastrianism on Judaism, Christianity and Islam is well documented and acknowledged.

    I would like to submit for everyone’s consideration, a translation from our affirmation in Jas me Avanghe Mazda Kusti Prayers from Ervad Edulji Kanga’s book “Khordeh Avesta” (Fellow of the University of Bombay, Head Master, Mulla Feroze Madressa) “…..mazishtacha, vahishtacha, sraeshtacha ya ahurish zarathushtrish…..” “….the greatest …. and the best ….and the most excellent…. which is the religion of Ahura revealed-by-Zarathushtra.
    His book on Khordeh Avesta with full English translation is available at the Parsi Panchayat Office, in Mumbai, for a throw away price. It may be the best addition to your library /book collection, a real treasure trove if you already do not have it.

  • Thank you for enlightening us qith our religion and prophet.

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