The Parsi Run Hospitals & Medical Dilemma

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Season II – Second Episode

W.H.Y. – WE HEAR YOU Series

The Parsi Run Hospitals
Medical Dilemma

On the episode
1. Mr. Homa Petit – President – The B.D.Petit PGH
2. Mr. Dinshaw Tamboly – Chairman – The WZO Trust Funds
3. Dr. Gustad Daver – Trustee – Masina Hospital
4. Mr. Homi Katgara – Managing Trustee – Masina Hospital
5. Dr. Sharookh P. Vatchha Ortho Surgeon – Masina Hospital

Our Very Own Host – Mrs. Zarine Commissariat

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Sarosh K.Daruwalla


  • Compliments on an Excellent Presentation, on the dedicated services of the Trustees and the Management of the Masina Hospital, in bringing the Hospital up to its present glory. An omen service to the community and the society at large. Maneck Dastur.


    At Surat, Sheth Rustomji Dhanjibhai Tarachand Surat Parsi General Hospital is situated in Parsi dominated area. This hospital was established in the year 1920 and it is being managed by the Surat Parsi Panchayat. Looking to the declining Parsi population and polarization of population in these areas surrounding by Parsi Fire temples and other Parsi institutions and Parsi colonies, it is a need of time to preserve restore and revive Surat’s Parsi General Hospital as described in an architectural project report (YouTube video link is Surat’s Parsis are appealing to the worldwide Zoroastrians and Parsi Trust funds to look after this Parsi hospital in Surat and make sincere efforts to help this hospital get rebuilt with latest medical services for all the community people including separate wards for Parsi patients.

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