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  • Gratitude to: Mr. Farhad Malegam for arranging this talk
    : Mr. Meher Amalsad for introducing the speakers to Mr. Malegam.
    : Mr. Yazdi Tantra for sharing this talk on

    First image: a mind map under construction, to help study concepts in the Gathas.
    Second image: an example of relationship between Zarathushti Prayer and the Gathas
    Part 1:
    1 min 12 sec: Introduction to Asho Zarathushtra’s Gathas – Songs of Revelation
    6 min: Yasna 28.1, What is the mind, Ahura Mazda, Wisdom,
    11 min: The Amesha Spentas and a Mind Map and a Table with concepts including
    23 min: Atarsh Niayesh, Ahunavaiti Gatha Yasna Ha 33.12 and Yasna Ha 43.1
    24 min: Kem na Mazda and Yasna Ha 46.7

    Part 2:
    40 min: Yasna Ha 28.2, 28.3, 28.4

    Part 3:
    51 min: Ahura Mazda described in Yasna 48.3, 48.4, 48.5
    Importance of outcome in line with our actions, Daena…..

    1 hr 02 : A discussion on Asha (Righteousness, Purity, Good Order), Yasna 47.1, Good thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds.

    Part 4: 1 hr 11 min Responsible Choice and choosing with Spenta Mainyu the Progressive beneficient Mainyu (Force of the Mind) Yasna 30.2, 30.5, 30.6, 33.12
    1 hr 22 min: Yasna 47.1 the Amesha Spentas, Spenta Mainyu and Resilience.
    Interpretation of FrAshoKereti : Renovation of the World : Progress with Righteousness and Good Action)
    Conclusion: 1 hr: 30 min : Transform your mind – Transform the World: Giving our Fire and the Fire of the Mind the very best.

    With much gratitude,
    Dr. Karishma Koka.

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