The Godha Story

We all know these are called GODHAS. But not many know the left and the right have a separate name. Anyone ?
The one on the left is known as SAROSH and on the right is called BURGIS.

On the left hand side pillar – Frashusho Manthra
On the right hand side pillar – Manthra Spenta
Left hand side below the Godha – Sarosh
Right hand side below the Godha – Burjish
Just below the Khuan – Atash Adar Froba
On the first step – Atash Adar Burzin Meher
On the second step – Atash Adar Khordad
On the third step – Atash Adar Gushasp
On the last step – Miswane –e- Gatu – Avval
(Courtesy: Ervad Behram Dhabhar)

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  • thanks for the Godhas story. the references .Can someone help me in understanding the details mentioned?

    always wanted to know
    1. what is their actual significance ?
    2. where are the steps in reference to the image provided?
    Adar Burzin -Meher and other Atashes?
    3. where are the right and left side pillars in the image ?
    4. what /where is the Khuan?

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