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New Zarathushti Cook Book

New Zarathushti Cook Book – Submit your recipes today – Deadline is 15 May 2009


As many of you know, to commemorate our 25th Anniversary as a non-profit organization, ZAGBA is compiling a 25th Anniversary Community Cookbook. Your participation is critical to the success of this exciting project, as we need your help to create a comprehensive collection of delicious dishes that we will refer to often as we decide what to cook as we feed our family, entertain our guests, and celebrate our heritage.
We are asking for recipes from all of YOU — our current local ZAGBA community as well as former community (the Zarathushti students, professionals, and families who have lived in New England sometime over the past 25 years or even previous to that).
bullet Please submit your Parsee, Persian and other recipes (In dian/Pakistani, continental, multicultural) to tanazyadav@gmail.com using the format provided at the end of this email message. Think of the signature dishes you are famous for – the ones others are always requesting you to make! Multiple submissions from members of your family are fine. We are looking for all types of recipes – categories may include Appetizers & Beverages; Eggs, Vegetables & Lentils; Side Dishes, Main Dishes, Breads & Biscuits; Desserts; Chutneys & Pickles; Masalas; Other. We will decide final category names and sections as we get your recipes.
bullet Next to each recipe please include your name(s) and where you currently live (e.g. Nashua, NH). As an option you may include 1) something related to the recipe (e.g. it was handwritten for me by my grandmother at the airport when I left Bombay in 1956 to study in the US) and/or 2) something related to when and why you came to the Greater Boston area and where you are now. Please limit this optional part to 25 words or less.
bullet Please reach out to former ZAGBA members and send this email to them to invite them to participate in this historic community project.
bullet Recipe submission deadline: May 15, 2009
bullet Please help us meet the deadlines and send in your recipe today or as soon as possible, as we want have this cookbook compiled and published, ready for sale at ZAGBA’s 25th Anniversary Gala event on July 25, 2009.
This keepsake cookbook will be spiral bound and approx 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 in size – the number of pages will depend on your submissions. We hope this commemorative collection will be on the ki tchen shelves of all ZAGBA families and their friends for years to come. This cookbook will be sold for $10. Please pre-order the cookbooks for yourself, your extended family, your neighbors, and friends. They will make a wonderful gift for friends interested in ethnic cooking and for your children as a special reminder of the recipes of their heritage, a gift that will become more meaningful as they get older and move out to their own homes.
bullet Please indicate how many cookbooks you would like to purchase when you submit your recipe(s) so we can plan how many to print.
PART 2 – HELP US GET FOOD-RELATED ADS for the Community Cookbook
In addition to your recipes, our Community Cookbook will have a Resource Section with20advertisements from Indian, Pakistani, Persian, Middle Eastern grocery stores, restaurants, and caterers in the New England Area. These are places where we can buy spices and fresh ingredients; go out to eat with family and friends, or have special occasions catered. In order to be listed in the Resource Section of the cookbook, we have created three simple ad sizes with very affordable advertising rates – ¼ page at $25, ½ page at $50 and a full page at $100.
· Please contact ethnic food markets and restaurants you visit and the ones that are located near where you live and work to ask them to place an ad in our Commemorative Community Cookbook. We have created a packet to take with you: 1) a formal letter describing who we are, the cookbook project and an ad form with details of how to submit their ad, 2) sample sizes of the advertisements. These have been sent as attachments. Please print out copies of these to take with you to the businesses.
· Please sign up to contact these businesses from the comprehensive list we have created so that we don’t have 10 people going to the same business, (however, that would help them see that many different families would see their ad in the cookbook!)  This list is also being sent as an attachment. Send an email to parastu1@gmail.com to sign up for stores/restaurants you will be visiting. We will update periodically. Some people have already signed up at the most recent 25th Anniversary meeting. If you know of additional stores/restaurants not on the list, please send us their names and plan to visit them too.  Please consider visiting as many businesses that you can.
· Please emphasize to these businesses that these keepsake cookbooks will be on the shelves for many years and their ads will be seen repeatedly over the years.
· Also mention that with these very affordable rates, a single visit by a family to their business could more than cover their cost for the advertisement and our members will see their ad, recognize their support of our project, and consider visiting their business next time they are in a particular region.
We thank you in advance for your support of this project, Community Commemorative Cookbook Committee
Courtesy : Behram Pastakia