Alyque Padamsee

A man of many talents – Alyque Padamsee is also known as the Ad Guru of India. He is responsible for revolutionizing the advertising scene of India. However, since drama was always his passion, he has a long and fruitful association with the stage, both English and Marathi.Alyque Padamsee  As a stage director, Alyque Padamsee has created legends such as `Evita`, which launched the stage career of Sharon Prabhakar; `Tughlaq`, which flagged off the career of the internationally known actor Kabir Bedi, `A Streetcar named Desire`, which made stars of Dalip Tahil and Sabira Merchant and `Kabaret`, which brought Shiamak Davar to fame. Besides these productions, Alyque Padamsee has acted and directed numerous stage productions that have won worldwide acclaim. On television, he can be given the credit of introducing the serial and introducing “Karamchand”, who yet remains the unforgettable character on the television screen. He has been conferred the Lifetime Achievement award by the Sangeet Natak Academy.

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