Poonawalla Group

Cyrus Poonawalla – Son of a racehorse breeder in Pune (formerly Poona), in western India, he branched out in 1967 and began making anti-snake venom serums that were in short supply in the country. Privately owned Serum Institute, which he founded and runs, now sells a range of affordable vaccines for rabies, measles, hepatitis B, among other diseases, in 140 countries. Considering a public listing. Son Adar heads operations. Poonawalla collects custom-built limousines; also runs family’s Poonawalla Stud Farms, which has bred several derby winners, with younger brother Zavaray.

Group Companies include :

Poonawalla Stud Farms : the Leading Stud Farm in the country

Serum Institute of India : One out of 2 people immunized across the world  is vaccinated by one of Serum Institute’s Vaccine

 Intervalve (India) Ltd. : cornered a major market share in India’s process industries.

El-o-matic (India) Pvt. Ltd. : Pneumatic and Electric Actuators and valve automation systems

 Hotels & Resorts : The Poonawalla Group have diversified into the hospitality business under Mr. Yohan Poonawalla’s able leadership by acquiring a stake in two UK-based hotels

Poonawalla Fashions Pvt. Ltd. : Bringing Global Fashions to India

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