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Established in 1924, with just 4 rooms, Globe Hotel has now 15 A/C and 10 Non-A/C rooms with all modern facilities like 24 hours hot/cold running water, no power cuts, homely atmosphere, and much more. Udwada’s oldest and only reputed hotel has courtesy as a tradition and tasty food is a guarantee.

Globe’s clientele include the who’s who of the community and some of their clients come from across the world and span over 3 generations. This is not strange, since the owners also span 3 generations – Kekobad Hormusji Sidhwa who was originally a caretaker, bought over the property in the early 1920s and there has been no looking back ever since.

Located next to the Pak Iransha, in a typical village type setting, Globe is the ideal choice for devotees from far and near. Clients come from all over India, US, UK, Dubai, Australia and Canada.

Peshotan and Zenobia

Peshotan and Zenobia

The hotel is managed by Peshotan & Zenobia and Percy & Zubina Sidhwa. They can be easily contacted on +91-260-2345 243, +91-260- 2345 474


  • Very Nice Hotel
    Excellent Food
    It’s The best hotel in udwad

  • Excellent!!!
    More than a hotel, our address always, when at Udvada.
    Thank you Peshotan & Zenobia, Percy & Zorash Sidhwa for all your homely care.

    • I called from the US to inquire regard our stay and spoke to Percy who was just rude, abrupt and not have the decency to have even a conversation as if I was disturbing his routine. They call themselves hoteliers? I am myself an international hotel General Manager now retired. They should be selling “tari” in mud pots instead.


      • Too my knowledge u are totally mistaken as there never was ,never is never will be a more decent guy like Mr Percy Sidhwa the owner of Globe hotel , he is the only man behind the show to make all guests comfortable all the time too ,never in my life seen a hotel owner himself get all things done to perfection ,typical parsi attitude kudos to Percy sidhwa
        U r retired as such u have no patient left in u ,,,,,, u r free from all work and duties to, and u feel all others are as free as u ,u have worked in America were things are different too ,no human touch too….. Why do u hide your identity from the general public too by giving only ur initials I feel u should be open enough so if the guys at globe can call u talk to u and gve u all details too …….as such please give your details and phone number were u r contactable, because of yr initials even I’m giving only my intialials and please next time think before you speak


      • Mr G.K.please put your full name and then give your views,Mr Percy Sidhwa he has never ever been Rude to any of his costumers.I think you should be selling Tari in Mud pots instead of calling yourself a General Manager of an International Hotel. Never has there been or shall be a more Polite person at Globe Hotel than Mr Percy Sidhwa.

  • To my opinion even Ashishwang Hotel at Udwada is the best with excellent service, good food and above all clean environment.

  • Ferangiz Pajniger

    Globe Hotel is by far the best one in Udwada.
    Now we never have to think if we need to just make a days trip.
    *Excellent Foodb (Best Boi’s ever !!)
    *Neat & Clean Rooms (especially the Baths)
    *Friendly Staff
    Peasotan & Zenob thanks for the wonderful stays that mom n self have always had when we were in Udwada…you guys Rock!!!

    • To my opinion Ashishwang has the best of all that is required for a memorable stay in Udwada.

    • Can someone tell me how much are the charges/rates for 2, A/C, non A/C rooms per day in Indian Rupees please??? How come the website for the hotel requires to login to their FB Account? All reviews about how great the hotel is, but no rates??? Appreciate if someone could enlighten me with tje rates. Thanks.

  • pervez and dolly

    frendly atmosphere. good food. responsive service.

  • Havovi Zubin Pastakia

    My favourite hotel in Udvada… my childhood memories goes back to the big swing even in the hot afternoons….

  • Nothing comparable to GLOBE Hotel in all respects.

  • shahrookh bharucha

    Speaking about GLOBE hotel, they are they most un-courteous ones in the town who fail to even offer water on arrival to the driver who gets in the guests… Its surprising that being a parsi and from a dastoor family they fail tremendously to provide shelter to parsi drivers, forget about offering food… huh….. the best should be in terms of being Courteous too… Im a tour operator by profession and all drivers are very happy with Ashishwangh, Mek, Sir J.J , Wadia dharamshala and sodawaterwala too… Im sure of being a critic, but its a FACT… Sorry for being too True.

    • absolutely true about what u have written about the drivers, i have experienced the same thing. Long time back myself and a group of friend had gone there as customers and the partial treatment we received at glope put us off so much that since then we have never set foot in that hotel.

    • .You are fit for Ashishwangh, Mek or Sodawaterwala Dharamsala that is your class.. We are very Happy at Globe and we only go there and no where else since Bapsy”s time.

  • praksshal dalal

    One of d bst parsi food is served here…
    Wen at daman never fail to be at globe..

  • The food served in Globe Hotel in Udwada was very much lacking in quality. The chicken was tough, the patio oily and tasteless, and the Dhan Dar ni Dar was watery. Having been to the Globe Hotel earlier, and having liked the food, I was most disappointed this time…..

  • The food served in Globe Hotel in Udwada was very much lacking in quality. The chicken was tough, the patio oily and tasteless, and the Dhan Dar ni Dar was watery. Having been to the Globe Hotel earlier, and having liked the food, and I was like to mek caterer food in soda waterwalla dharamshala nice and testy food like lagannu bhonu

  • Mr Percy Sidhwa just to let u know u are a one man army the commanding officer of Globe Hotel Udwada ,how do u manage to do it all single handedly too ,u have time all the time in the world for all your customers all the time too, this is maybe our 10 visit in 20 years and every time it’s becomes more memorable .lastly to say keep up the good work ……… U r 100% satisfaction all the time

  • Globe is the oldest hotel in Udvada,I remember going to Globe as a child when the original Kekobad Sidhwaji was alive,we have had family Navjotes in Udvada and always stayed at the Globe,it was a regal hotel then,however today the regality of Globe has been lost with the growth of other Hotels,I guess with commercialization some things are lost.
    The food is passe nowadays,and I agree wz some of the comments here,mentioned about drivers,I have experienced it first hand as well,my driver asked them for lunch 3 times and they paid no heed,it was only when I came to know and created a ruckus that things were sorted out.
    The sidhwas as a family are very nice people,and I have never experienced them being rude or uncourteous.

  • First of all when you go to the hotel they don’t give you any proper information about the correct cost. They don’t greet our own zorashtrian community people once they come to the hotel. The service is so poor. Anything you need you have to wait for just one boy.. We have to keep hunting for him ourselves. When asked for tea they say this is not a hotel. Then can we ask what are they running? A dharamshala?
    The rooms are dirty and full of red ants all around the room.
    Finally before leaving they charge so much without any reasoning and they talk to us very politely that moment when they are going to get money.

    • There are Parsis and then there are Parsis! Monopolies lead to this situation in any business. They know that Parsis will continue to go to Udwada come Hell come Shine! If the Tatas had done business like them, there would be no Tata name left today!

      I wonder why no one even a non-Parsi has not researched the possibility of putting up a small hotel with day use rooms, overnight stay suites with a restaurant serving Parsi cuisine and drive these people out of business?

      I think I have found the answer as I write this. Devka is hardly 4 kms from Udwada and most Parsis would prefer to use the 3 and 4 star fine hotels that have cropped up in the last 40 years.

      So be it!

  • Are there any pet friendly hotels in udwada. .knowing we parsis, most of the parsis hotels in panchgani are pet friendly..are there any in udwada too?since we have a pet dog now, we got to think twice before we go anywhere.

  • Have just returned from a very very dissatisfied and disappointed dinner at Globe. Sorry to say that we would never recommend your restaurant for food to any one. There was some chicken stew with bones and 2 leg pieces, fried egg chutney egg patato chops ( one per person duly rationed), masoor dal in a large quantity ( may be there were no takers ) chapattis which were cold. The only decent item was the custard. And for this so called delicious meal, we were charged 550 X 5 = 2750. Money is not the issue. Getting cheated ( although not in broad day light) as we had dinner, was shocking. We felt from the owners wife that a BIG favour was being done to us by accommodating us. Udwada is a beautiful place, however this eating experience has left a Sour taste and to expect this treatment and food and the attitude of the lady ( who I presume was the owners wife) is difficult to digest. We had lunch ordered from MEC and it was really good. I thought my family should be treated to Udwada cuisine and thus went to Globe. Pl be my guests in Mumbai and I will treat you Mr and Mrs to authentic Parsi food. We have felt totally fleeced . We wish Globe the very best in the future and keep its light shining bright.

  • What about Paradise hotel, is it good?

  • I read all the above comments and my thinking is a bit different. I would never criticize any Parsi hotel or restaurant or bakery or the souvenir sellers for anything! Why? Because of one simple logic…there are so few Parsis in Udvada town and they are the only ones who are physically present in our beloved Udvada looking after our Dearest Iranshah. Physical presence matters! They are watching over things and keeping alive the Parsi presence there while we all are away doing our own thing in different parts of the world! We all need to appreciate that and support the Udvada economy in every way we can. If we are a bit overcharged or if someone is not too polite or if the food is below our expectations, sure, we can inform them gently. But I wouldn’t criticize because they all are doing what none of us is capable of doing! Living in Udvada 24×7 and watching over Our Beloved Iranshah! I heard that a new young Parsi has started managing the Sodawaterwala Dharamshala. I think that is simply heartening. We should support them too. Think in this manner and you will understand. In this time of pandemic my only thoughts are…how are the Parsis in Udvada surviving? How are the hotels doing? I hope all is well with them and they are doing well. We need their presence. We need to support the Udvada economy so that they are motivated to continue in Udvada. Remember, we need them more than they need us! They are watching over Dear Iranshah while we are away doing our own thing. We just come once a year and take everything for granted and expect everything to be in order. So appreciate them all, and ignore some minor shortcomings! Go regularly to Udvada to Pray to Iranshah and stay and spend in Udvada during your trips there, so that you support the economy and the livelihood of the few Parsis who are still living there. It will help in more ways than we can ever imagine. Remember, though they may not be directly looking after the day-to-day affairs of the Iranshah Atash Behram, their physical presence in Udvada does matter!! It makes a lot of difference to have them there 24×7. We do need that. So appreciate them all for what they are doing to keep our presence alive in our beloved Udvada. Thank you friends and God Bless!. SZ

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