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Udvada–A Photo Journey

Each visit to Udvada is a refreshing experience for the soul. This time, however, I thought I would capture the flavor of Udvada on camera, to share with those who have not been able to make it there for a while. I took a stroll one evening and entered a few houses the next evening. And this is what I got back to share. Savor the pics one by one, click on them to see the bigger picture and feel free to zoom in for greater detail. Each one is a delight. Copy them, share them, print them and enjoy them whichever way you would like to.

Most of the pics are on my basic Sony camera which is now 5 years old and shows no signs of retiring.

Let’s start with the roads. Most of the roads look deserted, with minimal traffic, but the noticeable difference is in the availability of autos at the Chowk. You will recognize them all. So here goes …….

Once the roads are done, the signs cannot be far behind. Here they are with their unmistakable rustic charm, including the warning – “we are not the cheapest, but the best !!”  Take time to read each one, including the plaque at the railway station……. and don’t forget to notice the cars, neatly parked just alongside the “No Parking”  signs …………

The buildings standing on the roads – villas, cottages, row houses, apartment houses – some old and dilapidated, some abandoned and some spanking new – all standing next to each other, demonstrating the multiplicity of architectures and, above all, showing that the new order cometh…………Remember to look at the Museum Videos, uploaded earlier,  by clicking here

And, inside the buildings is the ancient furniture, curios and showpieces with flashy colors with the typical parsi touch………….

The torans, though not many are the symbols of a quintessential Parsi home – enjoy the various intricate patterns and marvel at the effort to hand-make them……

The people – some ageing, some young, some faces which you would instantly recognize and some more which display that they are from Udwada only !

Looking around, one sees nature. A grand old tree, witnessing the history of Udwada, a cherry plant more than 50 years old with cherries in different hues….. aaaah

And finally a few miscellaneous photos, all my own work. Take time to view the wells, the marketplace, the ageing grinding mill, and much more.

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Here are some more pics of the Pak Iranshah at Udvada shared by Arzan Sam Wadia of ParsiKhabar.net

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Govt to form body to develop Udwada

The Gujarat government has decided to form the Udwada Area Development Authority in order to “protect” one of the most important holy Parsi sites in south Gujarat.

The state urban development department issued a notification on Saturday declaring its intention to form the authority, whose main purpose would be ensure that the area is not “usurped” by haphazard industrialisation.

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Courtesy : Jehangir Bisney

Globe Hotel – Udwada

Established in 1924, with just 4 rooms, Globe Hotel has now 15 A/C and 10 Non-A/C rooms with all modern facilities like 24 hours hot/cold running water, no power cuts, homely atmosphere, and much more. Udwada’s oldest and only reputed hotel has courtesy as a tradition and tasty food is a guarantee.

Globe’s clientele include the who’s who of the community and some of their clients come from across the world and span over 3 generations. This is not strange, since the owners also span 3 generations – Kekobad Hormusji Sidhwa who was originally a caretaker, bought over the property in the early 1920s and there has been no looking back ever since.

Located next to the Pak Iransha, in a typical village type setting, Globe is the ideal choice for devotees from far and near. Clients come from all over India, US, UK, Dubai, Australia and Canada.

Peshotan and Zenobia

Peshotan and Zenobia

The hotel is managed by Peshotan & Zenobia and Percy & Zubina Sidhwa. They can be easily contacted on +91-260-2345 243, +91-260- 2345 474